Das System was hinter jodel steckt ist echt super. Ich nutze die Typ täglich da sie mir sehr hilft. Was ich allerdings beklagen muss ich diese Zensur die Betrieben wird. Man postet was und es passt jemandem nicht, dauert es nicht lange und der Post ist verschwunden weil er seine -5 bekommen hat. Egal welches Thema diese ,,downvote-Mafia“ ist einfach nur nervig und eine Veränderung Bzw eine Verbesserung wäre sehr wünschenswert. Ziemlich viele Jodler sind ganz schön engstirnig, festgefahren und schlecht gelaunt sobald es mal ein Thema geht mit dem Sie was zu tun haben. The app is very nice and i love it but i have some suggestions to improve it like : 1- it should have a search bar like instagram so that people can search for “hashtags” 2- the location should have an option that allows us to change it (if for example I`m traveling and i want to see the jodels of my country) now it just shows my location. Jodel instantly connects you with the people around you. It`s a live social feed of your community`s hottest news, questions, events, stories, and jokes. Never miss out on what`s happening around you again! On Jodel, you can:- Have fun and laugh with your community- Discover in real-time what`s happening in your city- Post messages and photos to everyone around you- Vote on posts and decide what your city talks about- Connect with people around you who share your interests – Collect Karma to spread good vibes – Easily get and provide useful local information- Confess your secret love affair with chicken nuggets (ooh baby!) Jodel is the newest social media craze you’re missing out on.

(By the way… Jodel is pronounced “yodel”)(And also, Jodel is not spelled “uodel”, “yodle” or “yoddle”) . Jodelheyaaahoooo! This version includes:- Possibility to turn off push notifications by Jodel HQ- Couple of technical improvementsThe weather in Berlin for this week: First half sunny and second half stormy. Enjoy your week! Don’t disagree with anyone in this app or you will get banned immediately. I have been banned for no reason and many others that I know did too without even giving us a reason. If you wan to banned us, that’s alright. Just tell us why! You get constantly reported because people do not like your opinion thus causing you to get instantly banned by the system. The whole moderation system is terrible in this app. Normal users are the moderation so whatever they don’t like they’ll just remove it and you get punished by it. If you are going to use this app, never disagree with anyone.

. Great app that really hits home with the old yikyak. Y`all just need to advertise somehow so people actually know the app exists. Also, I would like a way to direct message users(without adding usernames) and a small message on each post, showing how long since they`re last 3 posts were. That way they`d remain anonymous but other users would know if someone is spamming posts or if it`s an occasional poster. . . . Jodel macht Spaß und ist zudem gleichzeitig nützlich. Durch die Anonymität der lokalen Community, mit der man im Umkreis von 10km vernetzt wird, findet man nicht die klassischen und nervigen Oberflächlichkeiten anderer sozialer Netzwerke.