Who: Individuals interested in purchasing locally grown high quality meat products on a monthly basis.

What: An assortment of farm fresh products including any assortment of beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Also may occasionally include rabbit, duck or goat. Monthly basket will include 5 or 6 different items worth a total of $65. Product will include anything from whole chickens and beef steaks to breakfast sausage and hamburgers. Our CSA includes a large variety of cuts, so it is targeted for customers who like to try new recipes and work with some unique food products. All items will be frozen.

When: Shipments will leave on second Wednesday of the month and will be delivered within a week. We have partnered with Fresh Picks for delivery. Delivery day is determined by your location.

Why: So we can offer the same high quality products our chef customers use in their restaurants to families for use at home.

How: Email us at

Cost: There will be a $20.00 fee added to compensate the shipping and handling so CSA baskets are $85 each. We will collect credit card information at time of sign-up, and cards will be ran once a month on delivery day. When signing up, a minimum of 3 months of subscription is required. After that, we will continue to roll over to the following month until we are notified to discontinue the service.