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What better way is there to learn more about the food we eat than to come directly to the farm…

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Find out where to enjoy Slagel Family Farm meat products at the finest restaurants around Chicago.

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The family farm advantage

At Slagel Family Farm, we strive for quality rather than quantity. We work hard every day to bring our customers a healthy, consistent product with a taste they will remember.

Our livestock are raised all-naturally in an outdoor environment. They are fed grain, grass, and hay raised on our own farm. In addition, no implants or hormones are used. Genetic emphasis for high marbling cattle and hogs has resulted in Slagel Family Farm producing beef and pork that yields tender, juicy cuts of meat. Consistent genetics are also very important to us, so you as a customer will be satisfied time and again.

Quality controlled processing

In addition to raising our livestock without added hormones, steroids, or constant levels of antibiotics, we also control the processing. Our livestock are processed at Slagel Family Meats, our own facility in Forrest, IL. We do not use preservatives or artificial additives during processing. This means our products are 100% pure, unlike products from large commercial companies that have 5-10% saltwater solution injected into them.


Proclaimed as the best burger of Chicago, our locally produced, all natural beef is becoming more and more popular. We raise Batavian…

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We offer a limited amount of what we would describes as “Rose Veal” meaning the calves have been raised outside free to eat…

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The product we are most well-known for is our fresh, high quality pork. We have been developing our own genetic herd for several decades…

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Our fresh IL lamb, which is becoming a staple in Chicago’s fine dining restaurants, is raised by both the Slagel Family Farm operation…

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The goat herd was expanded at our farm several years ago to accommodate the growing demand for goat meat in the Chicago…

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We offer whole fryer rabbits on a weekly basis. Most of them are New Zealand and California breed. Our rabbits are raised by a younger…

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The most recent addition to our product list is all natural locally grown turkeys. Since turkeys and chickens do not grow well together we…

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We raise two breeds of chickens on our farm, one to produce eggs and the other specifically for meat. Our meat chickens are a Cornish rock cross…

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One of our very popular items is our farm fresh eggs. Our Golden Buff chickens lay large brown eggs with nice rich yolks. The hens are…

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Slagel Family Meats is now producing Farm-2-Bowl, naturally processed pet foods so our products can be enjoyed by your pets as well.

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