Chicken Freedom Project

Chicken Freedom Project

Help Slagel Family Farm Convert A Caged Chicken Facility To Cage-Free!

The Chicken Freedom Project is an opportunity for you to help Slagel Family Farm buy and convert a 5-acre commercial, caged chicken egg facility into a cage-free, old-fashioned farm operation.

Recently, a commercial chicken egg production facility came up for sale just a few miles from our small family farm in central Illinois. After expressing some interest in buying the facility, we were able arrange a tour. After seeing the facility in person, we were determined to find a way to buy the property and destroy the caged bird system so it could not get into the hands of another factory farm and continue to operate.

We were astounded at the volume of birds crowded into such a small area. Birds were in cages 6 levels high (the top row of cages was approximately 12 feet off the ground), 12 rows wide and 350 feet long. With no natural light, it was so dark inside it was hard to see one end of the building from the other.

We immediately made the decision to try to purchase the farm for several reasons. First, we want to take the farm off the market so it cannot be used in this form again. It’s hard to imagine the poor quality of life these birds had on a farm that housed 100,000 laying hens in a single building. Secondly, we would be able to rip all the cages out of the building and add doors and windows so we could use it for a cage-free chicken house similar to what we operate at our family farm now. After destroying the cages in the current building, we would house 35 laying hens in the same square footage that would have previously housed over 600 hens.

The demand for good, natural, locally produced eggs is high and continues to increase. By buying and converting this factory farm into a sustainable, natural farm, we would greatly increase our ability to get delicious eggs to the Chicago market and the new farm would also allow some of our younger family members to become involved in the family farm operation.

Please help support our project! We are hoping to raise enough money to make a down-payment on this farm. Any donation you can make improves our local food shed and improves the lives of chickens!

All donations over $50 receive a special gift!

Donate What You Can

Help us reach our goal & help chickens!

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